SCI-FIspace is Keenspace's new sci-fi dropdown. Membership in the dropdown is open to anyone who has a sci-fi comic on Keenspace. Sci-fi/fantasy is okay too...I'm certainly not a purist. The sci-fi's just got to be in there somewhere. On this page you will find instructions for joining the dropdown, instructions for putting the dropdown on your page, and a list of the current members.

To join, please post in the Dropdowns and Crossovers forum (be sure you post in the NEW sci-fi dropdown topic), or fill out the form below. (I really prefer the first method, especially since it'd be easier to restore the list if it were lost, but...)

Comic Name:

Comic URL:

Your Name/Penname:

Your E-mail Address:

(Please note that new members will not be added to the dropdown immediately, because since keenspace apparently hates me, those nice self-updating dropdowns don't work. Noooo. So every time there's an update, everyone who has the dropdown has to update theirs manually. We don't want to make people do that more than once every couple of months or so, or else we risk them getting cranky and refusing to update anymore. That would be sad, wouldn't it?)

To put the dropdown on your page, first right-click and save this image:

(You can name it something different, but you'll need to change the code accordingly.)
Upload this image to the /images/ folder of your keenspace account.

Then, put this code on your index.html page:

I know, it's huge! Sorry. Get over it.

It'll look like this...

SCI-FIspace dropdown members

(arranged in the order in which they signed up)

Pinoy City by theJames, a.k.a. The Imperial Pinoy

Night & Day by Asarea

FireBird by Savanna Sparks, a.k.a. Superlance

Comic5D by Difinity

Decypher by Phact0rri

Mindmistress by Al Schroeder

Risen by TheBladeRoden

Honour's Requiem by RLC Davidson

UNA Frontiers by Monique MacNaughton

It's the End of the World! by AoD

Zeera the Space Pirate by NoemZ

Oddities by Urza

Peacekeepers by Robert Hupel and Rhea Halter

A.L. (Alien Life) by Braden Brown

Night Warrior Limited by Terence S.

Blackbird by David Brunell-Brutman

It's the End of the World! by AoD

Crescent by Indigo

BoB by ymmot

...And, of course, me - Slightly Schizophrenic.

Slightly Schizophrenic is hosted on Keenspace, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics.